Lifetime Warranty

We are super confident about the quality of our product and want to give you full peace of mind. 

We now offer full warranty for the lifetime of the product against manufacturing defects i.e. stichting coming loose, zip malfunction, flaws in fabric etc.  Failure of a garment due to misuse or crashing etc wil not be covered and if we deem that to be the case on a returned item we will be in touch to offer other solutions.  

The UK made products will actually be returned to the factory of origin and the foreign made products will be repaired here in Hackney or if a a repair is not possible we wil replace the apparel  with a new one.

We believe this policy to not only be good customer service but a great ethical green policy adding extended life to a  garment  making sure we produce products made to last. 

An added bonuses is that any item to be returned can be done so with our free returns service. 


Everyone is a winner because #lovewins