HACKNEY GT is very proud to sponsoring and involved with the brand new One Life Cycle  race team and cycling community from London.  Led by former Team GB member Germain Burton and street racer Mat Watson and recently joined by Niki Kovacs they will be taking on the renowned Red Hook Crit series in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan and other crit races across Europe.


The racing is just half of what the team is all about. One Life Cycle is also a socially conscious driven project that aims to engage the youth of London through cycling. Through talks at community centres and various cycling orientated events they aim to engage the younger generation in the hope that this devotion to cycling can be a catalyst to inspire them into achieving in all areas of their lives. They say 'We want the kids to enjoy themselves at the same time as pushing themselves in order to enjoy success within the sport'.  We think this sits pretty well with HGT's ethos to life, young people and all things two-wheeled.
As well as supplying them with their custom-made 'Betty' skin suits we are also helping to raise money to help the team get to these races and to fund the community events.  With this is mind we have designed in collaboration with celebrated graphic Designer Swifty a custom made One Life jersey with all profits from the first run going to this fantastic cause.  Place your order now at  The offer is live now and open until 21.4.17 .  After this time they wil go up the full price of £80 . They will be available for delivery in mid  May 2017 if not before and shipping is worldwide. 
The jersey has all the normal HGT features
  • Lycra side and arm panels for extra comfort and good fit
  • Wide printed elastic arm cuffs for aero race fit. 
  • Golf ball weave polyester wicking performance fabric for the main body
  • Full length robust Zipex  zip 
  • Three roomy and angled back pockets
  • 4th zipped back pocket 
  • Silicone gripper and a reflective rear tab.
  • Exclusive HGT pattern for a 'fitted' all purpose top.
  • Swifty Grafix exclusive design 
  • Made In England
Thank you for your support. Ride safe!