2020 is no doubt a tough year ,  no denying that but as when there is a forest fire , new life flourishes and positive things happen.  It's certainly a time for reflection and for restarts and here in our beloved London Borough of Hackney  we have seen a huge uptake in people living positively and healthily,  communities coming together , young people discovering the outdoors, wild swimming and just simple hanging out.  Not just in east London but it would seem all around the world there  has been a massive cycling boom.  BOOM!. We love that and it has had a very positive impact on our online, homegrown, down home business.  The last couple of years the brand has been on somewhat of a back burner with just the odd piece coming out now and again. With the arrival of C19 and two wheels being a thing our sales have taken right off again.  So we have been busy getting back up to speed , designing, creating and dreaming.   So far we have a few new pieces just come online and more to come real soon.  We going to take it one step at a time.  No need to conquer the world but humbly make something that is positivity all round.   We are always trying to be funky and bold , playful and a bit different .  The aim is to go as environmental as possible (our new neck warmers are made with 100% recycled polyester, we use bio-compostable bags and paper tape on our boxes). We want to make sure people are paid properly and treated well , and source locally when ever possible (50 % fo our range is currently made in the UK).   

We would like to thank everyone who has already supported us over the years .  For those new to Hackney GT welcome .  Please stay tuned,  sign up to our  mailing list, check-in  with our socials and spread the word.  The future could just be bright and it actually is about winning because #lovewins.