Hackney GT custom kit

Over the years we have made and  designed quite a bits of custom kit and there are more than a few designs which we think look pretty fat.  So thought it was time for a blog to show off the work and let people know that this is something else we do at Hackney GT and can offer to all clubs, events, clarities etc.  Wether it be basic sports shorts or all-in-one skin suits.

Here are a few of the creations and If you are interested please get in touch.  There are very small minimum quantities on  orders and quick turn around.

Cheers Russ


Client : Regenerate Youth Club charity.  Designed and produced for their London to Africa cycle ride 

Clinet : Bike Stormz 'wheelie kids' collective.  Designed and sponsored the kids with these jerseys . 


Client: Single Track Magazine. Co-designed and supplied the jersey


Client Ace Classics Motorcycles.  Collaborated on design and produced the jerseys.  These have gone out all around the world


Client: Team One Life Cycle.  Designed the jersey and provided teh kit as a sponsorship deal.

Client : Bolt Motorcycles .  Designed and supplied. Client : DUWC charity.  Designed the jersey and supplied. 


Client: Watling Tyres.  Created a new logo and designed and supplied teh jerseys 

Client:- Merton Sports and Social Club.  Designed jersey and supplied 


Client: Street Child Charity.  supplied jerseys