Smeta approved

Great news.  Our main manufacturing partner in the UK who produces our technical jerseys, jackets, bibs and more is now SMETA audited .

This basically means that they are a very sound company with good practice towards they employees and their working environment .  

So when you buy a made in England Hackney GT technical item you can be rest assured that these are far from sweat-shop products and that people on the shop floor cutting, sewing and printing are getting a fair deal for their efforts.

This make us happy and able to sleep well at night and hopefully that wellbeing is passed onto you, our customers too.    

If you want to know more details then please feel free to email us and we wil try our best to help . 

What is SMETA?

SMETA is an audit procedure which is a compilation of good practice in ethical audit technique. It is not a code of conduct, a new methodology, or a certification process.

SMETA is designed to reduce duplication of effort in ethical trade auditing, benefiting retailers, consumer brands and their suppliers. Using SMETA, a supplier can have one audit conducted and share it with multiple customers, rather than having a different audit conducted for each customer. The SMETA documents are designed to be used by experienced auditors in line with current established practices.

SMETA methodology uses the ETI code and local law as the measurement tool. It includes four modules:

  • Health and safety
  • Labour standards
  • Environment (optional)
  • Business ethics (optional)

As well as a common audit report format, SMETA documents also include guidance around:

  • Training and experience requirements for auditors
  • Suggested pre-audit communication
  • Suggested time plan for the audit
  • Suggested number of worker interviews for the size of company
  • Detailed audit execution