Christmas is curcumin - only the goose gets fat!

So festive celebrations are looming. It's a great time of the year isn't it? The marathon final push as the office prepares to bolt the door over Christmas and that annual race to avoid being the frantic colleague still at his desk late on Christmas Eve. Then there’s the festive shopping juggle. Slipping out on your lunch break, shuffling through shops you’d usually avoid, elbows out, hoping to snatch items that become meaningful gifts rather than January’s landfill quota.

Internet shopping can help your stress levels at this time of year and we want to offer you the gift of some handy advent advice. So we’ve cobbled together a Hackney GT gift list - you can take a look at it here:

So then there’s your poor old bike! All those miles you’ve labouriously tapped out together for the last 11 months. Those heroic efforts hard won, first thing on a Sunday morning and (hopefully...) the health, vitality and dazzling athletic physique it's given you in return. All is forgotten as you ruin all the good work, ploughing into Quality Street and bread sauce, whilst your wheels gather dust leant against a cold garage wall.

Your lycra can feel a little tight after Christmas

Your lycra can feel a little tight after Christmas

No one likes the feeling of pulling on lycra in the new year (mysteriously tighter than you remember...) only to struggle back in the saddle, slipping off the back of a club run with only your new pot belly for company.

Christmas is exhausting

Christmas is exhausting (pic: Norman Rockwell)

With all the preparation most of us are exhausted by the time Christmas morning arrives and the inevitable celebrations, food and drink with lashings of good cheer, feel well deserved. So why not make a healthy new year's resolution, to kick in, once the mince pies are all done. One of them could be based on some ancient Ayurvedic wisdom from the east. As a humble herb turmeric (or curcumin) is best known for the colour it adds to your Indian food.

Turmeric ground and in its raw form

But scientists have uncovered some amazing health giving properties it also offers us - everything from cancer prevention to liver detoxification. It can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. And last but not least it encourages a healthy metabolism helping to stop the risk of getting fat.

So this Christmas, as grandma tempts you with that second huge piece of Christmas cake, don’t panic get turmeric!

Finding all this a little hard to believe? Here’s some background reading to get you started: