Because we love music too.

Fashion, bicycles, retro cars, skating, racing and music .  It is all part of the Hackney GT story.  For us they all go hand-in-hand and are very much part of the continuing lifestyle we like to perpetuate.  

Music has always been been there and probably always wil be wether it be in the background of one of our promo videos , as a soundtrack at a race we're helping to promote or the occasional radio show that we podcast.  Seeing as Russ Jones HGT instigator and head honcho has a backstory of music promotion, djing  and much more this kinda makes sense .  The show is broadcast out of the studios of and is now in its tenth year .  Covering a broad church of musical styles with a global twist from retro to upfront bangers every edition is a different story and is a reflection  of the Hackney GT outlook, being  open-minded, all embracing and cutting edge. 

Listen in on our mixcloud page. The most recent show can be found here