100% lifetime manufacturing warranty!!!!!

Taking in inspiration  from the excellent outward bound label Patagonia I am super happy to be able give 100% lifetime warranty on all Hackney GT products.   That is against manufacturing malfunction like failed stitching, faulty zip, fabric breakdown etc. (We cannot offer that for general wear and tear). 

To be honest this is really not an issue .  Over 80% of the Hackney GT range is made in the UK in a state of art factory in Blackburn, Lancashire. Of the thousands of jerseys that have been made in this factory for us there is only one jersey that has ever failed and that was relatively minor in that it was a rear pocket that came unstitched.   As it was made here the jersey was sent straihgt back to the factory was repaired and back withe the owner within a week.  Thus meaning no discarded garment and a happy customer.


Although unofficial before this is now an agreed arrangement with the factory to return any item that fails due to a manufacturing issue regardless of how old it is.

So you the customer can use the free return to service to send back to HGT HQ and we wil take care of the rest,

This is just one more way we and I, Russ can offer a great customer service and lessen the environmental impact of cycling and consuming.