Hackney GT Robi Arm Warmers

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Hackney GT accessories. Made in England, built to last and always look good.

“Good looking arm warmers with a strong performance on cold and windy days. 4/5” roadcc

  • Constructed from windproof and fleece lined polyester
  • Made in England
  • Exclusive HGT design

Our jockey print completes these arm warmers - possibly one of the most handy bits of cycle attire you will ever own. Perfect for every season; whether it's an early morning summer start or a super cold evening commute in the mid-winter. Our warmers are made from a fleece lined and windproof polyester as supplied by our Belgium fabric factory.  Whether stowed in a rear pocket when not in use, or proudly on show, these sleeves extend the possible use and brighten up any short sleeve jersey.

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