Hackney GT Typo unisex performance base layer

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 Hackney GT base layers. Made in England, built to last and always look good.   

“...fits...impressive, shaped to the contours of your body to maximise wicking. Good looking base layer” 8/10 Urban Cycling magazine 

“...has a lovely feel to it; it’s light and silky, and fits close...without being restrictive” 4.5/5

“Great Bang for your buck – whether it's the middle of winter or a scorching summer's day” 4.5/5 roadcc

  • Aviatar perforated body fabric offers superb temperature control and wicking.
  • Side panels made from lycra for extra comfort and good fit.
  • Unique Hackney GT print.
  • Unisex sizing.
Made to our own exclusive patterns and to a UK tailored fit which we believe represents a true body size. The fabric is sourced from a pro-team supplier in Belgium. The main body of the jersey is made from Aviatar perforated polyester performance fabric which is designed to help regulate body heat in all conditions and all seasons. For the summer months is helps to remove moisture from the body and in the winter it acts as insulation. The side panels are made from lycra for extra comfort and good fit.